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Giving back and giving smart gives people Remedies for Life

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There’s a healthier way to run our planet.

It comes from finding efficient and meaningful solutions to help deserving people and organizations get what they can’t get on their own – a boost to pull themselves to the next level.

Striving to Cure

What Ails Our World

The ScholarScripts Healthcare Consortium is a powerful force for change and improvement. A charitable foundation created and administered by the leadership of RemedyOne, ScholarScripts assists an in-need but underserved segment of our communities. We help deserving people help themselves.

The First Step:

Cancer for College

Today, ScholarScripts is partnering with Cancer for College to provide college scholarships and educational opportunities for low-income, high-achieving cancer survivors. As ScholarScripts grows, we will seek out other deserving causes to help and promote.

A Healthcare Consortium
Administering Remedies for Life

RemedyOne has called on some of America’s largest healthcare leaders to band togethers in rethinking and improving charitable giving. It’s not just that we give, but how we process the giving that can improve outcomes. And they are listening. Compassionate healthcare companies are joining our consortium – from Pharmaceutical Companies and Health Plans to Pharmacy Benefit Management groups and Third-Party Administrators.

Together we are delivering long-term benefits that will not go unrecognized.

You and your organization can be a part of this remedy that comes after the cure. The scholarships you fund give a lifetime of benefit to students, their families and their communities. Who knows, we may even fund the education of the student who one day finds a cure.

Learn How to Help or Be Helped

Your organization can be part of the cure. To learn about giving, email or call 860-352-5794. Your support is important.

You can learn about Cancer for College
and inquire about scholarships at cancerforcollege.org.

Support Can Come
from Funny Places

Ask Will Ferrell

Cancer for College was founded in 1993 by two-time cancer survivor and double amputee Craig Pollard. Craig had cancer at the age of 15 and it returned with a vengeance when he was 19. He saw firsthand how the disease can affect a family physically, emotionally and financially and vowed to make a difference in the lives of other cancer survivors.

Craig and Actor/Comedian Will Ferrell have been friends since their days in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity at The University of Southern California. Will has been a long-time supporter of the charity – dating back to its earliest days.  As Will’s fame has grown, he’s become increasingly generous with time and contributions to Cancer for College. His support will extend to ScholarScripts and we expect Will to participate in our Signature event this year.

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